Why premade logos are great for start ups

So you're a new business, trying to get everything up and running, however you're also trying to make sure you don't kill the bank before you've made a dollar, I think we've all been there at some point. For me, as a small business and especially as a graphic and web designer, branding is pretty much vital, but not everyone has the budget to spend hundreds, or even thousands on one of a kind branding packages (style guide, assets, logo etc)...

Here are 4 reasons why premade logos are great for start ups.

1. They're super affordable.

Starting from around $30 you can find some pretty awesome predesigned logos via Etsy.

This includes typographic or graphic logos. All you need to do is customise it to suit your business - change the colour, change the name (of course) and even if you'd like - change the font. Provided you don't have a problem with other people purchasing the same listing and having a 'similar' design, this is perfect for start ups.

2. A logo allows for brand recognition from the get go.

When starting out, your objective is to be discovered and known, so even the most affordable logo will assist in your identity and become a face to your business so that potential clients will recognise and remember you.

3. Premade Logos allow room for indecision and business evolution.

Lets say you change your mind after a year or your mission, values, and ideal customer evolves so much so that the branding your started off with, doesn't represent who you are anymore - this happens quite a bit in the early stages, knowing that you didn't spend thous