What is Editor X?

So as some of you may know, Wix has just created Editor X.

What’s Editor X I hear you ask?

As quoted by Wix

Editor X is made especially for designers and agencies. It offers advanced design and layout capabilities that allow you to create complex website designs for any device, all without using code, for example: • Grid layouting is an advanced two-dimensional layouting system based on CSS grid • Docking anchors elements to a specific position as the viewport changes • Stack & scale media for seamless responsive behaviour • Text scale to create scalable font sizes • Flex layouter is a smart layouting system relying on flexbox technology for automatic reorganisation of content while resizing • Custom breakpoints to tailor designs to any viewport, not just classic devices • Flexible canvas with resizing handles to instantly see and customise your design across viewports • Advanced sizing control defines your element as fixed or fluid, using wide support for modern CSS units • Wix design system featuring sections with built-in responsive behaviour matched to the colour palette of your site

Today I thought I would give Editor X a go, creating a basic landing page website with 4 sections. Feel free to check it out here:


I certainly liked the feel of it and I think that anyone who enjoys working with Squarespace, Shopify or Wordpress might find it similar also. 

I’m still learning my way through it as there are quite a few differences with the Wix Editor Vs Editor X. Another review will be given as soon as I’m 100% over it.

One thing I am happy about though is that there seems to be more flexibility in device responsiveness - you can choose a range of different devices ie (iPhone, iPad, galaxy, laptop etc).

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