What are your own favourite ways to practice self-care? ⁠⠀

There are so many benefits to having your own business, however, it can get pretty hectic, so to all you guys guys and gals out there, that hustle every day - remember that Self-care is also important. 


What are your own favorite ways to practice self-care? ⁠⠀


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we tend to burn out from overworking and put too many things on our plate without even realizing it. It's always important to take care of yourself &taking time to relax.⁠⠀


Here are some ideas for self-care that I use & makes me feel so much better to start a workweek on a productive and happier level ♡: ⁠⠀


- Take a Social Media Detox⁠⠀

- Take a Day Off Work⁠⠀

- Puzzles + Board Games⁠⠀

- Plan a Fun Day with a Loved One⁠⠀

- Journal/Write⁠⠀

- Go Outside & Get Some 🌞⁠⠀

- Read a Book⁠⠀

- Create a Vision Board⁠⠀

- Plan Your Week⁠⠀

- Try Something New! ⁠⠀

- Yoga/Meditate⁠⠀

- Lift Weights / Exercise (MY FAVOURITE) - Home Dance Party⁠⠀ - Declutter Your Space⁠⠀ - Pamper Day⁠⠀ - Movie Night with your Fav Snacks 🍿⁠⠀ - Colour/DIY Crafts⁠⠀ - Take a Bubble Bath⁠⠀ - Listen to a Podcast⁠⠀ - Get Some Exercise⁠⠀ - Take a Long Nap⁠⠀ - Make time for YOURSELF⁠! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ If you're reading this and feeling like you haven't done any of these in a while, this is a sign you need a major self-care kind of day. Don't let your business take over your life & live your life with freedom 😊⁠⠀ #loredesignco #melbournebossbabe #victorianbossbabe #aussiesmallbusiness #graphicdesignaustralia #womeninbusiness #graphicdesignmelbourne #graphicdesignermelbourne #logodesignservices #creativebranding #womenwhohustle #custombranddesignau #mumsinbusiness #melbournecreatives #womeninbiz #branddesigner #logodesign #branding #bossladyau #websitedesign #wixwebsitedesigner


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