Website Case Study: RARMS Website

RARMS Case Study

Rural and Remote Medical Services or RARMS (NSW) offer medical services across Rural NSW. The client had a few requirements:

• Update the Existing website so that it was more balanced throughout

• Make the website SEO Friendly

• Make the Site Accessible

• Make the site faster

The client was pretty happy with the overall design of the site, just wanted a clean up throughout.

What Lore Design Co did to assist:

Visually, I knew that the header required some attention. There was quite a lot going on in quite a small space, so I needed to remove some items and balance the space out a lot more. I made the header a lot more symmetrical, removed some logos that were placed in the footers and I also reduced some of menu items so that it was easier to navigate (placing the other menu items in the footer).

I went through the website and cleaned up the design spacing throughout, fixed some of the spacing, ensured the mobile version was A OK as it wasn’t previously set up. I also made sure each page was accessible, this included going through each page and ensuring the alt tags were image specific, enabling visual indicators, organising site structure, choosing clearer fonts and going through the assets to see what can be simplified. In regards to the lag, some of the integrations that were happening like the search features were moved to other pages so that the home page would load faster.

The Alt tags served to functions, assisting with accessibility and SEO, as did ensuring the keywords were used, matching the META tags throughout the website.

Overall the client was very happy with the finished result.

The old website:

RARMS Previous Website

Please feel free to check out the revised site here:

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