Web Terminology 101: What You Need to Know

To potential or new clients, it might often sound like I'm speaking a completely different language whilst discussing their brief or quoting their new website, so I thought I would put together some common design lingo and web terms that may come in handy for those working with myself at Lore Design Co, and also those who are putting together a website themselves.


A textual description that informs search engines about the content of an image on a website. It is extremely important to enter an alt text for every picture, as it helps your website rank better on Google. APPLICATIONS / APPS OR FEATURES

Applications and features can include e-commerce, online bookings, Events, Restaurants, Plans and Pricing Membership Pricing Gateway, Instant Chat, Members area, Forum, Blog and much more. Generally these apps or features are added to the website, can sometimes take a while to prepare as there is a lot of time put into the backend set up.

BLOG A regularly updated website where an individual, a professional or a small company shares their experiences, tips and observations, along with related images and links. For small business owners, blogging is essential for both branding purposes and for improving their website’s ranking in search engines, who adore freshly updated websites.  BRANDING The process involving creating a unique name and image for a product or a service-based business, using a consistent theme throughout all marketing and sales materials. Branding aims to differentiate your business from competitors in order to attract loyal customers. Make sure both your offline and online presence have the same tone and style, including your website, business cards, logo and social media channels.  CAPTCHA

True to its name, a ‘captcha’ catches all the baddies coming through to your email inbox from your website form! By having a code that requires user input, it is an effective method to stop spam bots sending you ‘fake’ enquiries. We recommend that all website forms have a captcha. CONTACT FORM An element on a website that allows users to communicate with the site owner. It has fields for filling in your name, address and type of comment. For small business owners like photographers, it’s an absolute must. Make sure to connect your