Ways to update your business website during Covid-19

Ways to update your business website during Covid-19
Ways to update your business website during Covid-19

OMG! What a year and we’re only in April. This whole Covid-19 situation has certainly changed the way we do things and many businesses are opting for an online solution that will work in conjunction to their regular business model.

So whilst things are a little loco, I have complied a list of the ways you can update your site with all of these special announcements or changes to your business reflected in your website. ANNOUNCEMENT BAR This is a great way to communicate on your website - it is the bar at the top - above your menu. This can contain an announcement and link. It is very easy to create via Wix and other platforms.

POPUP A popup forces visitors to read an announcement more than an announcement bar. It can include an image and more text than an announcement bar.

BLOG POST Create a blog post with an update. Add the feed to your home page if possible for COVID-19 updates.

BANNER Ad a banner to your site with a message - this is if there is a major change to your business. You can replace existing banner or add a banner to home page. A visual will help the message stand out.

CONTACT PAGE Visitors often go to contact page to get in touch and therefore if your business is effected it is a good idea to add a message to this page.

GOOGLE MY BUSINESS LISTING This is an off site update but very important as many search for your business on Google. You can update your details and add annulments via your Google My Business listing.

Some changes that you may need to communicate?

Event websites - for event businesses - communicate if events are re-scheduled or going to be online

E-Commerce websites - if delivery / stock is effected

Food Venus websites - hygiene statement and if food delivery is now available.

Services based websites - options for meetings (online) and if working remotely and if hours are effected.

School websites - communicate updates to parents I hope this helps you and you business. If you’re needing any assistance updating your Wix website - please be in touch  - lore@loredesignco.com #covid19businesstips #covid19websiteupdates #covid19andsmallbusiness #covid19digitalmarketing #covid19websitedesign #coronavirusbusinesstips


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