The Lore Design Co Website Design Process

Updated: May 12

Let’s be honest, the website design process undertaken by some digital agencies can be quite bewildering (and often even a little intimidating!) to a majority of clients. Personally I like to keep everything as simple and transparent as possible. Some of my clients prefer something as simple as a landing page, a website make over where others prefer complete redesign or BRAND SPANKING NEW website that incorporates things like a Blog, An Ecommerce Store, A Booking Application, Calendar integration and the list goes on…  In attempting to dispel any confusion, I've outlined the core steps in my web design process below. The methodology utilised by other agencies might slightly deviate from this, but my process is designed to be very straightforward and transparent. I believe in always opening ourselves up for questions and collaboration whenever necessary, as I progress through each project I am working on. Step 1: Detailed Project Briefing Step 1 involves obtaining a detailed project brief from you, the client.  This, and any follow up questions I might have, ensures I have a complete understanding of your requirements. This is the most important of all the website process steps.  Some of the things I’ll need to know are - how many pages and sections your website will need, does you website require any additional features of applications like Ecommerce, Online Bookings, Instant Chat, Events or Blog. The briefing process includes gaining a clear and comprehensive insight into your business and its main objectives.  For this I have, over the years, fine tuned a web design questionnaire.  It helps me flesh