How to Build a Personal Brand That's an Honest Representation of You

We all know how important it is to present the best version of ourselves online, and as designers, creatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners we can easily appreciate the value of good appearances. Yet when it comes to our own personal brand, the meticulous crafting of an online persona can suddenly feel fake or presumptuous. Where does the big gap come from? For one, a personal brand touches on our most personal points. It’s not easy to think of oneself as a stand-alone entity that you market, just like you would any other product or company. After all, you’re not a product. There’s a real-life person behind your online persona. One that makes great work, but also indulges in me-time, trashy nights out, and lazy day netflix binging. Building a personal brand is a great way of attaching a face to the otherwise anonymous experience of surfing the web. It helps make things more relatable, credible and ultimately – more human. To summarise, here are three main strategies that I use when creating a brand for my clients.

1. Staying honest: Identify the key points that make up your work and vision, and put those at the forefront of your brand. Sometimes that means being quirky, witty, cheeky or conservative. 2. Telling a story: Building a reliable, consistent persona is crucial for any strong brand. Deciding on a tone of voice to carry across is vital. 3. Creating a visual language: The design should resonate with followers on social media. Visual branding assets, such as a logo or a colour palettes, can help in creating a unified image online, making your brand recognisable and memorable.

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