Choosing the right designer for your business. Tips on finding the right one for your brand.



You will find many “Pop Up Designers” they generally know how to open Photoshop and use a paint brush. Unless they are qualified and experienced in the industry you usually get what you pay for.

You need to be aware of what professional design involves and that what you are getting designed has not been “taken” or “borrowed from a clip-art site.

Listen to your intuition you will know if it’s a good fit after doing some research and asking questions.

LOOK & MEET A good place to start is their website, a professional website design can represent a significant investment, have a look at their portfolio and testimonials. If they have a Facebook page, check out some recent posts and what people are saying. Social media is your tool to knowing how they are viewed by past and current clients. If your local organise a meeting (understand most designers will charge a rate however its always good to see your designer in person where possible).

RIGHT FIT Graphic designers may not always be the right fit for your needs. Again research, find someone who has a similar style to you, whose work you admire and who you believe you can trust with your business.

Have a look at what they do best, someone who is purely a web designer may not be the best fit for designing your logo.

It is really important to know your style, If you don’t know your style you need to sit down and really think before contacting a designer.

ASK QUESTIONS I encourage all my clients to ask questions. Here are some questions that are important. What files types will I receive? Will I own copyright? Do you design from scratch? What is the design process? Do you provide a brief form? Do you offer ongoing support? How long have you been a designer?

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Lore White Specialises in Branding and Web Development for Small Businesses.

So if you’re a business that requires branding or rebranding, or assistance with a graphic design project, feel free to touch base so that we can discuss our services with you further.

You can email me or alternatively give me a call on 0400 155 379

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