Why your website needs a blog.

When people of today want information, inspiration and entertainment, they “Google it” and frequently end up on a blog, which results in millions of people reading content all over the world. Adding a blog to your site gets you in on the action, increasing your site’s search engine ranking, enabling you to engage with customers while framing the conversation, aiding you in fashioning a strong brand personality, and providing a simple way to organise your content marketing strategy.

Increase your search engine ranking

In order to get your business on the first page of search engines, you need to have pages that rank high, not just a site. While the handful of pages on your website might be perfectly optimised for your niche’s keywords, it’s just a website in a sea of billions of other websites. Ranking increases when one website has pages and pages of quality content that pinpoints various keywords and phrases that searchers are actually looking for.

Another factor included in how a search engine ranks a site is how frequently the site’s content is updated. Sites that frequently add new content rank higher than those that are stagnant. With a blog, you’re automatically adding fresh content consistently and organically, two things that Google’s algorithms measure when determining how close to the top of the first page of results you’re placed.

Engage with customers

Quality blog posts that provide value to the reader show customers that you’re not just trying to get a sale, but that you are trying to help them. When people go online to shop, they typically search a product name or go straight to a retailer. But when they’re mulling over a product or service, they search for information. By providing th

em with the material they’re looking for, you become three things: relatable, helpful, and an authority in your industry. When they make their final decision on a purchase, you’ll be at the top of their list.

Solidify your brand’s personality

Outside of quality content, which is what any effective blog attached to a business provides, a blog provides you with an endless means of creating a brand personality and voice. Be funny or sincere, or a solid mix of both; be a bit brash yet decidedly logical; poke fun at yourself or your industry. The foundation for whoever you want your company to be can be formed and enhanced with a blog.

Streamline content marketing

Content marketing, which uses video, written word, and graphics to provide value to a customer without a sales pitch, is easiest to manage when you have one place that you share your content from. A blog affords you just that. Develop your content marketing strategy, add that content to your blog, and then share it via multiple methods to increase site traffic, social media followers and likes, and engage with your customers.

Nearly any business can benefit from having a blog, but blogging doesn’t have to become a second job. Research what your customers are looking for and then offer what you can, when you can.

Even one new post a month will help your site, and once you get started, it’s likely the ideas will flow, and the content on your site will build – along with your company’s visibility.

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