9 affordable marketing ideas that work.

So you’ve just kicked off your business and you’re wanting to generate a presence, get your brand out there and market yourself in an inexpensive way. Well here are some budget friendly ideas that work beautifully, especially when you’re targeting a small demographic or a local potential customer base.

1. Make sure you have a website that is optimised. Remember people search for EVERYTHING on Google these days. It's a great way to be found.

2. Make sure you have social media accounts. If you’re against them socially, definitely take advantage of them for business purposes. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook - if all of these are connected to your website, you’re likely to improve your SEO and be found on multiple platforms.

3. Make sure your Website has a Blog. Although a time investment, tying a blog to your business site lets you offer valuable content to customers and potential customers, and provides an easy way to keep your site fresh.