9 affordable marketing ideas that work.

So you’ve just kicked off your business and you’re wanting to generate a presence, get your brand out there and market yourself in an inexpensive way. Well here are some budget friendly ideas that work beautifully, especially when you’re targeting a small demographic or a local potential customer base.

1. Make sure you have a website that is optimised. Remember people search for EVERYTHING on Google these days. It's a great way to be found.

2. Make sure you have social media accounts. If you’re against them socially, definitely take advantage of them for business purposes. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook - if all of these are connected to your website, you’re likely to improve your SEO and be found on multiple platforms.

3. Make sure your Website has a Blog. Although a time investment, tying a blog to your business site lets you offer valuable content to customers and potential customers, and provides an easy way to keep your site fresh.

4. Comment on other blogs in your industry. Remain thoughtful, focus on the content you’re commenting on, and offer something of value. With these three rules, you increase the chance that readers will click over to your site or blog and avoid coming off as “spammy.”

5. Offer guest posts. Reach out to bloggers who fall in your niche and suggest guest posts. Running an interior design business? Contact home decor blogs and pitch a post idea that you think will work for the site’s readers. Asking a blogger to guest post on your site also increases your traffic and adds complexity and a fresh voice to the content you’re putting out.

6. Answer questions on forums. There’s a forum for everything, and they give businesses a great way to reach out and build a following. A mechanic shop active in a car repair forum and offering their expertise on minor issues has the opportunity to increase traffic to their site and social media accounts, just by being friendly, helpful, and avoiding sales pitches.

7. Consider postcard mailers. Cheaper than full-blown mailers, postcards cost less to send, less to produce, and if you target your direct mail list correctly, you’ll get your money back and then some.

8. Look out for discounted ads. A few days before publication, magazines and newspapers discount unclaimed ad space. Take advantage of the reduced cost and dip your toe in print marketing.

9. Don’t forget classic classifieds. Depending on your business type, placing an ad in your local paper’s classified section or on sites like Gumtree is am affordable yet effective marketing solution.

Remember – you don’t need a national chain’s marketing budget to get your business, product, and services out there. Take advantage of economical opportunities, be creative, and diversify your marketing avenues.

Thank you for taking the time today to read my Blog. Lore White Specialises in Branding and Web Development for Small Businesses. So if you’re a business that requires branding, rebranding or a new fully optimised website, feel free to touch base so that we can discuss our services with you further. You can email us or alternatively give us a call on 0400 155 379 Have a fantastic day!

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