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General Information 
Who are your clients?


I work with a diverse group of international clients, from all over the world.  Everyone from self-employed professionals to an eclectic mix of small business owners.


My creativity feeds off of my client's creativity, and I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with each and every person I encounter through my work.

Project Bookings + Order Process

Project bookings for website orders can be confirmed with a 50% non-refundable deposit.  The remainder of the quoted total is due upon project completion (prior to service delivery). This deposit will hold your spot in my work queue, as well as help me schedule my workload for the coming months and help me determine how many clients I can take on at any given time.

Please note that all content and imagery must be submitted via my dropbox within four weeks from the deposit being paid.

All orders under $300 must be paid in full to confirm order bookings. 50% of the amount of the total order is also non-refundable.

For more information on order process and what happens after your deposit has been made, please click here.

Cancellations + Refunds

Projects that have already begun (considered 'in progress') and require a cancellation will only include a pro-rated refund of any fees paid beyond the deposit amount.  In this event, the pro-rated total for all work spent on the project will be calculated at the rate of $120 per hour.  This will include time spent on information sharing via email, as well as any time spent on phone call discussions that were required to work out project details. 

Why is the 50% deposit non refundable?

Confirming your project booking with a non-refundable 50% deposit is a confirmation that as a client you are committed to working with Lore Design Co. This also ensures me that you have done your research on the services I provide, and after looking through my website and my portfolio; you feel that we will be a good fit for working together on both a professional and creative level.
By the time you book your order and pay the non-refundable deposit, we will have already worked out the main details for the order, and I will have already provided some level of consultancy on the best way to proceed with the project. Time spent discussing details on any project (prior to order placement), is a time commitment for both parties.  The details I provide during this process can include; important information about the design process, a personal review of your current website, suggestions on website page navigation and different apps that could be used to maximise your website function, and well as some "behind the scenes" work that enable me to cater to each new client request I receive with a more personalised approach.  During these preliminary conversations, it is likely that we will have exchanged several emails, and that we have also spoken on the phone on more than one occasion.  Securing a deposit for each order is an added confirmation that the time I invest with each new client (prior to booking) is not time lost, and that this time will serve as a benefit to seeing each project come to fruition.
After your 50%, non-refundable deposit is paid, your project will be added to my schedule, in priority of when the order was placed. Your approximate start date will be held in my schedule, therefore limiting my availability to take on other projects with other clients.  In other words, blocking out dates in my schedule for confirmed upcoming projects can often result in a loss of potential clients.  If a potential client has an inflexible project start date and they require a higher priority in their project scheduling; I quite often have to turn people away due to limited availability in my schedule.


Do you offer payment arrangements?

My flexible ‘Pay-as-You-Go’ payment option can be applied to any graphic design order that includes multiple items, as well as any Wix website design package.


The only stipulations for my 'pay-as-you-go' payment option are the following:


  • For website packages; there must be a 2-page minimum on any package ( HOME page + 1 additional page)

  • The total for these 2 initial pages must be paid in full at the time of order placement to confirm the booking, and prior to any work beginning on any project.

Please email for more information:


My current workload can vary from week to week, but I typically book projects 1-3 months in advance. Rush orders can be requested at any time, but are always reviewed on a case-by-case basis, as well as require an additional fee.  

Lore Design Co will make every effort to complete the project/changes in the given timeframe. Reasonable delays are accepted if functionalities are redefined or modified.
Any delays at client’s end may delay the project and proposed timeframes, and may incur additional costs. This includes provision of content including images and text. Website/application content and all related materials need to be provided to us within the first two weeks of starting the project. Any delays thereafter may delay the project and may incur additional charges if it goes beyond a reasonable timeframe, usually considered to be one month. 

Any bugs (programming errors) reported during or within 2 weeks of development does not attract additional charges.
Any re-work on an already completed task will attract additional charges, as will any changes in the design after the design approval.
Any modifications requested during the development or after the site is live will incur additional charges. All additional work, over and above the estimates is charged separately. Under no circumstances will Lore Design Co be liable for any delays caused by changes in the project brief.

You must supply all materials and information required by Lore Design Co to complete the work in accordance with any agreed specification. Such materials may include, but are not limited to, photographs, written copy, pricing, and logos. Where there is any delay in supplying these materials to us which leads to a delay in the completion of work, we have the right to extend any previously agreed deadlines by a reasonable amount.

Where you fail to supply materials, and that prevents the progress of the work, we have the right to invoice you for any part or parts of the work already completed.
If you require the project to be put on hold, please advise us in writing in advance. To put the project on hold without incurring additional charges, we will need the account to be up to date based on the work done. Further details can be discussed if such a situation arises.

What payment methods do you accept?
International Orders

  • Payment preference is either through Paypal Invoice or Paypal Me., where payments can be made using all major credit cards, as well as Paypal funds.

 Australian Orders​

  • Payment preference is Bank Transfer

How will I receive my digital files?

All final digital files will be provided in digital format via email, or online file sharing (ex: Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs, WeTransfer, etc...)
Websites are always transferred over to the client after everything is finalised and paid for.

What logo file types do you include with purchase?

All standard graphic files include; PDF, PNG & JPEG.

How do I figure out how I want my logo to look?


  • Find out what inspires you.  (ex: styles, colours, cultures, symbols etc..)

  • Narrow down your ideas to those which most closely match the ultimate vision for your brand. (ex: Weed out the stuff you like, but do not love)

  • Complete my creative brief once you receive it.  This brief has been specifically designed to help people organise their creative ideas and helps me gain a good starting point to create your new logo.

  • Start a Pinterest board !!!  If you're already using Pinterest to gather all of your ideas, then no explanation here is needed; but if you're new to Pinterest - here's a little intro...Pinterest is an amazing visual tool for not just 'creative types', but anyone feeling overwhelmed with how to organise all their ideas.  If you haven't already started a 'branding' board for your small business, I HIGHLY recommend it.  

How many concepts and revisions will I receive with my logo?

The Custom Typographic logo package: You're entitled to three concepts and two revisions.
Additional revisions are charged at $120 per hour.

The Custom Graphic logo package: You're entitled to three concepts and two revisions.
Additional revisions are charged at $120 per hour.

The Custom Graphic logo package: You're entitled to three concepts and two revisions.
Additional revisions are charged at $120 per hour.

The Custom Branding & Style Guide Package:  The Style guide pricing includes a 10PP PDF document. You are entitled to two revisions. Additional revisions are charged at $120 per hour.

How many concepts and revisions will I receive with any other graphic design projects?

You are entitled to one initial design and 2 revisions to that one design. Additional revisions are charged at $120 per hour.

How many concepts and revisions will I receive with my website?


You are entitled to two revisions for each website page. Each additional revision are charged at $120 per hour.

The WIX platform

I'm unfamiliar with Wix based websites, can you tell me more?

In a nutshell...and courtesy of" is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create professional HTML5 websites and mobile sites, through the use of online "Drag & Drop" tools."  

Why WIX? 

Wix allows their users to create fully customised websites, at an affordable price.  
For self-employed individuals and small business owners; simple, yet professional looking websites are best. Wix allows their users to maintain their own websites, in the most user-friendly and versatile way possible.
Once I set up your website,  the built-in Wix editor makes it easy for you to make your own changes to your site without having to know any complicated coding language.

Will I be able to update my website?

Once I have designed your website and all the pages have been laid out, SEO set up will have full editing access to your website's content and images.  I am of course always available for additional support, and will gladly walk you through any "how to" features over a quick phone call, or even offer continued site maintenance at at an hourly fee of $120 if DIY is not your thing.


Do you offer training or tutorials?

I sure do, if you're a first timer and need a tutorial after launch, I'd be happy to assist you with a one hour tutorial for $120. Tutorials are specific to your website spec - ie, if you have an online store, I'll show you how to fulfil orders, add products, etc. If you have a  booking system, I'll show you how to add booking services, if you have a gallery, I'll show you how to to add images and if you have a blog, I'll show you how to add posts, create categories etc. Tutorials are also offered to existing clients at the same hourly rate .

Where will my Wix site be hosted?

Your Wix site will be hosted on the Wix servers.  This means you do not need to purchase a hosting package from another service provider, but you will have to upgrade your free Wix account to a Premium package in order to connect your domain to your Wix site. 
Your domain name can be provided to you by Wix (with Premium upgrade) or purchased from another registrar
( ex: ).

Want to know more about Wix? Please click here.

Do you work with other platforms other than Wix?

We sure do. We also create websites via Wordpress & Shopify. Please note that websites created via these platforms are more expensive and will need to be quoted as per your desired spec. Please contact us for a quote.


Additional Info

Why hire me?

I always suggest that potential clients review my design portfolio, including websites I've designed.  This information will give you a good idea of the work I create.  If you can relate to my design style and feel that I'd be a good match to bring your ideas to life; then I would love to work with you on developing your branding.
I am a one-woman show, so when you hire me you will be getting 'one on one' client/designer other words - no middle person.
All of my services are offered with my client's needs in mind - my service costs are upfront, and my main goal is to help my clients get what they need within their budget.
My design process is extremely collaborative.  We work together to create your dream brand!  This collaboration will involve a lot of emails back and forth, as well as giving detailed feedback.


 What are your office hours?
I am contactable Monday to Friday between 9am - 6pm (Australian AEST). If you need to discuss your brief in person or via Skype or Facebook Video Chat (if you live outside of Melbourne), I can certainly make arrangements to do so.

Still have questions?

Please contact me at and I will answer any inquiries within 24-48hrs.

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