Affordable Website Design Melbourne Landing page

Custom Single Page Website

Landing page / single page website from $375

Perfect for small / medium businesses.


About The Package

An easy and affordable starting point, for anyone needing to quickly establish their online presence, with the option to add sections to their custom single-page website, as needed.
A single-page website is the building block to any website.  It can act as a temporary landing page while your full website is under construction, or it can also just be used for an 'online business card'.
The Custom single-page websites can feature; your business branding, contact information, social media links, as well as 'coming soon' messaging, and even multiple sections that can be navigated through using a traditional menu navigation system.



  • Base package includes a custom 1 (or 2) section single-page HTML 5 website.

  • Colour palette customisation and custom font pairings

  • Website activation and domain linking.

  • Basic SEO set-up, including; key words, page titles, tags and optimised Google description.

  • Mobile editing.

  • You receive 2 revisions per page during the design phase. Once final approval has been given, additional fees for website editing may apply.


  • Domain name registration and hosting fees are paid by clients, and not included in any of my web design packages. Please contact me to find out more about hosting plans.

Package Benefits 
  • Great option for anyone looking for a simple, clean layout, that is easy to self maintain.


  • Option to add additional sections as needed, with user friendly menu navigation, with section titles that link to specific areas within the same page, and back to top of page as needed.


  • Best suited for informational or blog based websites. For eCommerce packages information please click here.


  • Base cost of $375 includes a 2 section single-page design

  • Additional sections within home page $50 per section

  • Set up and installation of basic apps (gallery, instant chat) $50 

  • Set up and install premium apps (blog, members area, online bookings, events, Subscription payments, contact forms, online registration forms, search function etc) $250 per app.