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The Growth Initiative

The Growth Initiative

The growth initiative is a special education life coaching program that is designed to help children age between 7-13 years old to discover the power of their minds, allowing them to realise their own magnificence and reach their fullest potential.

Founder Rafa helps individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then assist them to set goals and develop a plan of action to overcome those obstacles on their path to achieving their dreams. Without guidance and proactivity, children will begin to develop a mindset based on exposure to media, peer influence, and life experiences. The first 12 years of life are incredibly important and act as the building blocks for the rest of the child’s life, so it is vital you are helping to empower them.

Lore Design Co assisted The Growth Initiative with a Classic Website that demonstrated their services and provided access to their instagram gallery. Lore Design Co also created a style guide for the client, which was based on their current logo.

• Classic Website • Instagram Live Feed • Social Media Integration • Contact Form
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